Reiss Nelson reveals: How Sancho lured me into the Bundesliga

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England talent talks about free-kick betting with Aubameyang and life in Hoffenheim

Hoffenheim’s Arsenal loaner Reiss Nelson has revealed that Jadon Sancho played a major part in his move to the Bundesliga. The two England talents are good friends – and the young BVB star was sure that the loan deal with Hoffenheim would be the right choice for Nelson.

“I talked to Jadon about Germany. He knows I’m a fast player who likes one-on-one situations. He said that there are a lot of those situations in Bundesliga games,” Nelson is quoted by English media: “As players we have a lot of similarities. So he advised me to come here and show my skills here.”

The FC Arsenal side jewel (contract there until 2022) came to Kraichgau in the summer for a rental fee of 500,000 euros, knew how to convince in his previous three Joker appearances in the Bundesliga and already shone twice as a goal scorer.

While his buddy Sancho made his international debut last weekend for the English senior national team, the 18-year-old Nelson also celebrated his premiere in the U21 national team. In his first match against Andorra (7-0), Nelson scored – against Scotland (2-0), he added a superb free-kick.

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The strength in a standard situation is no coincidence. As Nelson explains his time with the Arsenal pros, “You had Lacazette, Hector Bellerin, Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan practicing free kicks after training. We always made bets on who would shoot the best. They added me as a youngster and helped me become the player I am today. They gave me confidence and encouragement. They are great guys who are always there for me.”

Nelson has only positive things to say about his life in Germany. Also because his family accompanied him to prevent possible homesickness. “I have a close relationship with my family. We live our lives like in England, with my mother, my sister and my brother. We made the decision together and they thought it was best to come with me. And that helps me 100 percent. My mother cooks great”!

“Loneliness is therefore no problem for me. There are other boys I know who tell you: ‘Come by, Reiss, I have nothing to do”, says Nelson.

The Nelsons have already settled in well together in Heidelberg: “It’s not just training for me and then going home. To be honest, my family loves it here, for them it’s like a holiday. When I come home from training, they are often still on the road, for example to go shopping in Frankfurt.” Tambola Casino has a terrific selection of bingo games and side games.