The 4 most popular types of computer games

Computer games have been around for decades and have been able to maintain their popularity due to the awesome experience gamers get. Not only do gamers enjoy the graphics and game play, they also enjoy the creativity in terms of some of the themes that make up these games.

In this article, we are going to look at the 4 most popular types of computer games among gamers.


1 Action games

Action games are quite popular because they give gamers an opportunity to be heroes. Having that opportunity to take part in missions where you get to eliminate enemies and restore order in the world gives a gamer a very thrilling and fulfilling experience. When you factor in the awesome graphics, the challenge and much more, the thrill of action games is pretty difficult to top.

2 Puzzle games

In literally every computer, you will find a puzzle game. Puzzle games offer a great opportunity for mental relaxation as they engage your brain as you work towards solving various puzzles. Many gamers appreciate puzzles because they are easy to understand, are very engaging and require very little space on the PC. They can also be played at any given time and by players of all ages.


3 Role playing games

Role playing games have grown in popularity because they allow players to live out their fantasies albeit virtually. Being able to assume the role of a character and control various aspects of their lives gives a player some form of fulfillment and enjoyment even though it’s not real life.

4 Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games were specifically designed to add a social aspect to computer games. These games allow players to collaborate or compete against each other as they are able to link up online through a platform that the game has provided. This allows gamers to socialize even as they play their very engaging games.

Each of these types of games will offer a different experience depending on the game design and gameplay experience which is usually down to the game developer’s creativity.