Reiss Nelson reveals: How Sancho lured me into the Bundesliga

England talent talks about free-kick betting with Aubameyang and life in Hoffenheim

Hoffenheim’s Arsenal loaner Reiss Nelson has revealed that Jadon Sancho played a major part in his move to the Bundesliga. The two England talents are good friends – and the young BVB star was sure that the loan deal with Hoffenheim would be the right choice for Nelson.

“I talked to Jadon about Germany. He knows I’m a fast player who likes one-on-one situations. He said that there are a lot of those situations in Bundesliga games,” Nelson is quoted by English media: “As players we have a lot of similarities. So he advised me to come here and show my skills here.”

The FC Arsenal side jewel (contract there until 2022) came to Kraichgau in the summer for a rental fee of 500,000 euros, knew how to convince in his previous three Joker appearances in the Bundesliga and already shone twice as a goal scorer.

While his buddy Sancho made his international debut last weekend for the English senior national team, the 18-year-old Nelson also celebrated his premiere in the U21 national team. In his first match against Andorra (7-0), Nelson scored – against Scotland (2-0), he added a superb free-kick.

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The strength in a standard situation is no coincidence. As Nelson explains his time with the Arsenal pros, “You had Lacazette, Hector Bellerin, Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan practicing free kicks after training. We always made bets on who would shoot the best. They added me as a youngster and helped me become the player I am today. They gave me confidence and encouragement. They are great guys who are always there for me.”

Nelson has only positive things to say about his life in Germany. Also because his family accompanied him to prevent possible homesickness. “I have a close relationship with my family. We live our lives like in England, with my mother, my sister and my brother. We made the decision together and they thought it was best to come with me. And that helps me 100 percent. My mother cooks great”!

“Loneliness is therefore no problem for me. There are other boys I know who tell you: ‘Come by, Reiss, I have nothing to do”, says Nelson.

The Nelsons have already settled in well together in Heidelberg: “It’s not just training for me and then going home. To be honest, my family loves it here, for them it’s like a holiday. When I come home from training, they are often still on the road, for example to go shopping in Frankfurt.” Tambola Casino has a terrific selection of bingo games and side games.

Top clubs want Freiburg’s next million-jewel chef

SC Freiburg plans to move into its new stadium by the start of the 2020/21 season at the latest. The new stadium will cost around 76 million euros for 34,700 fans. A substantial part of the costs was financed by the sale of Çaglar Söyüncü (22), who moved to Leicester City for 21.1 million euros. It cannot be ruled out that this “investment model” will continue – because the next million-dollar jewel is already on the court!

Central defender Robin Koch (22) is the next shooting star with whom the SC could earn real money. Already in the past the SC made big profits with young players, which the club fetched cheaply and sold for a lot of money.

Koch is also showing signs of this development. And Freiburg has the best cards thanks to Jochen Saier (40). After changing from 1 FC Kaiserslautern last summer, the manager equipped Koch with a contract until 2021. Should a club want to sign the player, a transfer on the same scale as for Söyüncü would be due.

There were enough interested parties this summer. Several European top clubs had Koch on their cards. But he does not think about a change. Koch: “I am concentrating fully on my task in Freiburg before I think about planning the next step in my career”.

The value of the defender is evident on the pitch. Since Koch has been fit after muscular problems, the club has scored seven points from four games. The son of Lautern legend Harry Koch (48), who became champion with the Red Devils in 1998, matured under Christian Streich (53) to a top performer within one season.

Christian Streich Honours 


SC Freiburg-Youth
  • Junior DFB Cup (3): 2006, 2009, 2011
  • Under 19 Fußball-Bundesliga (1): 2008
SC Freiburg
  • Coach of the Year by Goal! Official Bundesliga Magazine: 2011–12
  • Coach of the Year by Kicker: 2012–13

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Also thanks to the peace and quiet that reigns in the club and its surroundings. Koch: “Freiburg is a small, manageable city. We do a lot as a team and occasionally go bowling with the team. There isn’t a party here every evening that you can go to. That’s exactly why I consciously decided to take this step – because I can develop well here.”

He was especially convinced by coach Streich, who has already formed professionals like Max Kruse, Matthias Ginter, Maximilian Philipp and Roman Bürki into top players. Koch: “The coach conducts a lot of individual discussions and shows in video sessions where we need to improve.

Koch absolutely wants that, because he has big goals. Like his father, he wants to become a champion. “That’s difficult today, of course, because the Bavarians are so dominant. But there are clubs that can do that.”

Freiburg is not one of them. But if Koch continues to develop so rapidly, the interested parties will stand in line – and in the future they will be able to contribute a part to the financing of the new arena. Malina Casino  is a fabulous online network that offers its players many different options in selecting games and on payouts as well.

Egg rock bangs Werder in second place – Schalke disappointed

FC Schalke 04 was also unable to stop Werder Bremen from flying high. After two victories against Mainz and Düsseldorf, the club lost 0:2 (0:1) against the team of coach Florian Kohfeldt on Saturday evening and had to accept a setback in its race to catch up.

Maximilian Eggestein gave the effective brakemen their fifth success in front of 62 271 spectators in the sold-out arena with his goals in the 43rd and 66th minute on the eighth matchday. While Bremen jumped with 17 points to second place behind Borussia Dortmund and can dream of the European Cup, the runner-up is still stuck deep in the basement.

The first bad news for the Schalke fans was before the kick-off. Regular goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann felt groin problems while warming up and had to pass at short notice. “Of course, his retirement hurts, he is an important player and has recently held the zero three times,” said Sky coach Domenico Tedesco. For Fährmann, U21 nationalkeeper Alexander Nübel was between the posts for the third time in the Bundesliga.

In addition, both coaches made two changes each. Tedesco offered Alessandro Schöpf and Amine Harit for Suat Serdar and Franco Di Santo after the 2-0 in Düsseldorf. Milos Veljkovic was in the starting eleven after his suspension at the 2:0 against Wolfsburg and the ex-Dortmunder Nuri Sahin for Sebastian Langkamp and Philipp Bargfrede (thigh problems).

Nuri Sahin Honours



  • KNVB Cup: 2007–08

Borussia Dortmund

  • Bundesliga: 2010–11
  • DFL-Supercup: 2013
  • UEFA Champions League Runner-up: 2012–13

Real Madrid

  • La Liga: 2011–12

Turkey Youth

  • UEFA European Under-17 Championship: 2005


  • UEFA European Under-17 Championship Golden Player: 2005
  • FIFA U-17 World Cup Bronze Ball: 2005
  • FIFA U-17 World Cup Silver Shoe: 2005
  • Bundesliga Player of the Season: 2010–11
  • ESM Team of the Year: 2010–11

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After three victories in the last three games, the royal blues appeared with more self-confidence. Although the North Germans had more ball possession, they were not able to assert themselves against the attentive defensive of former Bremen player Naldo for a long time, so that Nübel remained largely unemployed. The first good chance was offered to Schalkes Guido Burgstaller (5.), who chased the ball after fine individual performance from a sharp angle but over the Werder goal. Much took place in the midfield, where both teams neutralized each other.

Shortly before the break, the royal blues claimed a penalty because Veljkovic had bounced the ball in the penalty area after Hamza Mendyl had given it to the hand. But referee Christian Dingert was right to let the ball go. A little later, Schalke suffered a setback. Bremen used the first chance for the lead. After a throw-in, the ball came over Max Kruse to Eggestein. And the 21-year-old overcame Nübel with a flat shot into the left corner.

After the change Tedesco brought in new international Mark Uth for left-back Mendyl a second striker to strengthen the offensive. Tedesco’s courage was almost rewarded, but Burgstaller (58th) missed out on a free equal before Werder goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka, who was a brilliant parryer,. With the 2:0 by Eggesteins fourth goal of the season the game was decided. In the final phase, Schalke besieged the Bremen goal, but despite a good chance from Naldo (73rd), he was not even able to cheer the following goal. Shortly before the end, Pavlenka steered a header from Uth to the crossbar (88th). Check Wild Slots for more details of their bonuses!

How to select good computer games

If you are planning to get into computer gaming, it’s always good to be aware that not all games are the same, and not all will give you a good positive gaming experience. Therefore, before you get yourself or your kids any PC game, you must do your due diligence to ensure that you are getting the right type of game.



In this article, we are going to share with you a few tips on how to select good computer games.

1 Ask for reviews from other players

The beauty about the PC gaming industry is that gamers are a very tight knit community therefore when you ask your fellow gamers for reviews for a certain game, they will be more than happy to oblige. These reviews can be obtained from gamers’ online quorums, as well as other gaming review websites. Be sure to check out reviews for a particular game before you make the decision to buy it.

2 Choose a game based on your interests

In order for you to be able to enjoy any type of game then it has to be aligned with your interests. The reality is that if you are not a fun of sports then you won’t enjoy a sports game and this is applicable to all types of games. It’s therefore a good idea to find out what your interests are and go for games that are in line with those interests. This will give you a more fulfilling gaming experience.

3 Always be aware of the dangers of the game

Whether you are getting a computer game for yourself or for your kids, it’s a good idea to be fully aware of the potential dangers the game might expose the player to. Some games may be too violent, or too abusive or too sexual therefore it’s a good idea for you to be fully aware of the extent to which this is likely to affect the gamer. Try to limit your exposure to such dangers.

All in all, the gaming experience can be an awesome past time activity and a very rewarding experience emotionally, socially and physically as long as you select the best computer game for yourself.

3 Amazing benefits of playing computer games

The debate is still on as to whether computer games are good for you with one school of thought believing they are, and another school of thought disagreeing. I am from the school of thought that believes computer games are good and I will take time in this article to briefly say why.

Let’s therefore look at 3 amazing benefits of playing computer games.

1 They encourage people to be persistent

The nature of games is that they come with a certain degree of difficulty so that your success depends on how persistent you are. In many cases, you will lose a couple of times before you actually register a win and in many cases gamers go months or years without completing the game. What this does is make the player persistent as they strive to win the game and this is a quality that will benefit them in life.

2 They encourage development of problem solving skills

Generally speaking, games are never straight forward as they are designed to challenge you to figure out how to win. Essentially, the game will end up offering you a problem that needs solving therefore the more you play it and work towards getting to the end goal, the more your problem solving skills are developed. These are skills that will benefit other aspects of your life.

3 They improve your multitasking ability

One of the great things about computer games is that they engage a lot of your senses simultaneously. As you play, you are using your visual senses to see, audial senses to hear and at the same time using your hands and even legs to control the game. This usually has the benefit of greatly improving your multitasking ability.

With such benefits which have been tested and proven, it’s a no brainer that gaming is really good for your own personal development. It will serve you well if you tried a little bit of gaming.

The 4 most popular types of computer games

Computer games have been around for decades and have been able to maintain their popularity due to the awesome experience gamers get. Not only do gamers enjoy the graphics and game play, they also enjoy the creativity in terms of some of the themes that make up these games.

In this article, we are going to look at the 4 most popular types of computer games among gamers.


1 Action games

Action games are quite popular because they give gamers an opportunity to be heroes. Having that opportunity to take part in missions where you get to eliminate enemies and restore order in the world gives a gamer a very thrilling and fulfilling experience. When you factor in the awesome graphics, the challenge and much more, the thrill of action games is pretty difficult to top.

2 Puzzle games

In literally every computer, you will find a puzzle game. Puzzle games offer a great opportunity for mental relaxation as they engage your brain as you work towards solving various puzzles. Many gamers appreciate puzzles because they are easy to understand, are very engaging and require very little space on the PC. They can also be played at any given time and by players of all ages.


3 Role playing games

Role playing games have grown in popularity because they allow players to live out their fantasies albeit virtually. Being able to assume the role of a character and control various aspects of their lives gives a player some form of fulfillment and enjoyment even though it’s not real life.

4 Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games were specifically designed to add a social aspect to computer games. These games allow players to collaborate or compete against each other as they are able to link up online through a platform that the game has provided. This allows gamers to socialize even as they play their very engaging games.

Each of these types of games will offer a different experience depending on the game design and gameplay experience which is usually down to the game developer’s creativity.